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Roebling Referral Program

Did you know that all Attorneys are eligible to earn unlimited commission through real estate referrals?

Let's say you have a friend looking to buy a $2.5M co-op on the Upper West Side and you refer them to the Roebling Group because you know they'll appreciate big firm resources paired with personalized, boutique service. When they purchase, you'll receive a $19,000 referral fee.

  • Eligibility: In order to be legally eligible for the referral fee, you need to have your broker's license. All attorneys can easily sign up here and are eligible and just need to submit the form and pay the $185 fee. Your REBNY dues will be $550 for the first year as an Associate Broker. 

    • Option 1: If you have a big network in NYC and you're confident that you will have future referrals, go ahead and do that today. 

    • Option 2: If you're unsure about the commitment, you can wait to secure your brokers license until after I begin working with your referral. 

  • Referral Fee: 

    • Residential: Referral fees are based on the purchase price and commission. For example, a $3M home sale typically earns a referral fee of $15K - $22.5K.

    • Commercial: Fees are dependent on lease length and monthly rent. For example, a 10 year lease for $50k monthly typically earns a referral fee of $50K - $70K. 

  • Referral Types: Residential and commercial buyers and sellers in all of NYC

Thanks for submitting!

If you have any questions please email us at for more information. 

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