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67 West Street


1,300 SF - $3,250



Corey Cohen


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Step into the future while embracing the legacy of the past at 67 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This isn’t just a place; it’s a launchpad for visionaries. Where the walls whisper tales of a hundred years of hustle, and the beams shine with the sheen of innovation.

Rustic yet refined, each floor is a canvas for creativity, with exposed brick and wood beams that inspire. The restrooms? Renovated to perfection, because even the essentials should spark joy.

The neighborhood? A mosaic of fashion-forward thinkers and tech trailblazers, all thriving in a community that’s as electric as it is eclectic. And the views? They’re not just clear; they’re crystal-clear. From the open roof deck, Manhattan unfolds before you, a dazzling display of urban grandeur, framed by the serene East River.

Just a block away, the ferry shuttle dances across the water, a charming commute between the buzz of Manhattan and the creative calm of Greenpoint.

At 67 West Street, it’s more than real estate; it’s a realm of possibility. Build your dream, join the legacy, and make history in a place where the past is honored and the future is now.


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