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57 Noble Street


4,000-8,000 SF

$48 PSF



Corey Cohen


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Introducing 57 Noble Street, a ground floor warehouse transformed into a dynamic sound stage, offering a versatile space for film productions, innovative offices, retail ventures, and immersive experiences.

For Film Enthusiasts: With 4,000-8,000 sf of adaptable space and a 1,000 sf mezzanine, 57 Noble Street is a filmmaker’s dream. The high ceilings and open floor plan provide the perfect setting for constructing elaborate sets, while the mezzanine offers unique angles for shooting. 

For Office Innovators: Businesses seeking an unconventional office will find 57 Noble Street’s industrial aesthetics inspiring. The expansive area can be customized to fit collaborative workspaces or individual offices, all while basking in the natural light that floods through the lofty windows.

For Retailers: Retailers can leverage the street-level visibility and the raw, industrial charm of 57 Noble Street to create a shopping experience that stands out. The flexible square footage allows for an array of layouts, from open-concept showrooms to intimate boutique spaces.

For Experiential Concepts: This space is a blank canvas for experiential concept creators. Whether hosting pop-up events, art installations, or interactive exhibits, 57 Noble Street provides the backdrop for a memorable encounter with its spacious and adaptable environment.

Discover the potential of 57 Noble Street, where every square foot is an opportunity for innovation and creativity. Schedule your showing today and envision the possibilities.

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